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Any time you have questions or need help, you already have a Guide who is eager to answer questions and help you in every way. Just go here to chat with them: collegepower.com/PremiumBlogs/SuccessCoach.aspx

Note: You'll need to be signed-in to your CollegePower account to speak with your Guide.
Quick Start Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the company generate income? ▾
The platform has 4 different revenue streams:

1) Marketplace transactions – the platform charges 15% of every item sold in the marketplace
2) Advertising – users can purchase ads to promote their content and marketplace listings
3) Subscriptions – users can buy monthly subscriptions ranging from $10 to $100 that give them access to premium features
4) Coin purchases – users can buy our cryptocurrency to utilize within the platform
How do I know I got credit for signups? ▾
As far as getting credit for the new users that you sign up, you need to make sure they are signing up via your referral link and/or you are sending them an invite email from your account.

You can track all of the signups that you get because you'll see $20 added to your balance page (https://secure.collegepower.com/FBBank/Default.aspx) each time they sign up. Also, you can see the specific people at the bottom of this page: http://www.collegepower.com/PremiumBlogs/MissionPoints.aspx
How do you define sign up (providing name and email address)? ▾
A sign up is simply defined as someone with a .edu address that adds their name/email, and then clicks on the verification email to prove the legitimacy of their .edu address. The entire process takes about 10-30 seconds.
When signing up students, are these traditional on campus students or can I also sign up online students as well? ▾
The only requirement is that the student have a .edu email address. We realize that not all online or community colleges offer these and that's something we're looking to address as soon as possible.
How do students receive their $40? Are those earnings subject to 90 day maturation and/or are they able to start shopping in the marketplace? ▾
Students receive their $40 in their account upon registration. All earnings go through the 90 day maturation; however, as users start becoming active on the platform (posting, sharing, daily goals, selling products or services, trading, etc) a growing portion of their earnings become available for shopping in the marketplace, or to cash out by using the cash advance features. They can view how much they have available for cash out and shopping at any time from their balance page: https://secure.collegepower.com/FBBank/Default.aspx
Will I be provided with a link for social media and sharing? ▾
You can create your unique profile/referral link by following the steps here: http://start.collegepower.com/#rec97277920
Are there any penalties for the cash advance cash out option? ▾
There are no penalties – you simply are cashing out some of your earnings before they reach their normal 90 maturation.
I know people that could quickly become Guides, but they do not have an .edu email address. Is this something that can be worked around? ▾
Please contact us at support@CollegePower.com and we can help.
Can I start signing up merchants? ▾
The merchant platform will open up in just a few weeks from now. As we get closer to that time, we'll let you know. Only Guides will be able to sign up merchants.
When the product becomes more readily used and available for non college students, will the name/brand change? ▾
Likely we will need to evolve the branding to be more for general audiences, but none of those plans are solidified at the moment.
What are the safety precautions you're considering for this platform (for transporters, especially). Are there background screenings for any of these roles? ▾
Transport is a peer-to-peer distribution model by members of the platform -- for distributing products not people. Transporters will need to have, in their balance on the platform, the necessary funds that will be automatically held as collateral for the products they transport. In that manner, if the products they transport are damaged or missing, the owner of the items can be compensated.
Are the roles you have listed in the posting employee roles with any kind of benefits (health/medical, etc). or are they contractor positions? ▾
Currently no other benefits are included, but may be added in the future.
Is there somewhere we can read through descriptions of what the responsibilities are for each role? ▾
You can view all of our different role job descriptions here: https://collegepower.applicantpro.com/jobs/
In this phase, are you targeting specific college campuses/regions in, or you targeting all college student populations in general? ▾
From a resources perspective, we're internally focused on growing our user base from the major U.S. college cities first, and then expanding globally at the time of the beta launch.

That said, anyone with a .edu email address can sign up currently even if we aren't yet targeting their university.
When cashing out cryptocurrency, does this mean it can be used outside of the platform? ▾
When you cash out, you are cashing out our cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged into your local currency (such as USD) and be used in any way you like.
I want to be paid biweekly, is that possible? Do I basically have the freedom to control how much and when I get paid? ▾
You have full control over how much you earn in the sense that there is no limit to the amount of work available to you. Depending on the type of work you are doing, you will either be paid instantly (as an Activist), daily (from posting and sharing), or weekly (as a Guide). You can cash advance up to 100% of what you earn based on personal and platform criteria.
Will I need to fill out a i-9 form? ▾
We do not currently require this at this time.
How quickly do I start getting paid? ▾
You start earning as soon as you sign up to CollegePower. You earn $20 for each student you sign up, and can also earn from posting, sharing, selling in the marketplace, and more.
Is there a mobile app? ▾
There isn't a mobile app for CollegePower, but it work perfectly in the mobile browser. That is where students can use the platform for the time being.

We plan on having mobile apps live by the time we open up for Beta on August 5th.
Will I have a personal link that I give students for them to sign up? ▾
You can create a personal link to give to students. You can also send them an invite email directly from your account as well, which takes out a few steps for them to sign up. Just go here to see the steps to do that: http://Start.CollegePower.com
Can I have some fliers or marketing materials? ▾
While on campus, we recommend using the CollegePower info tool. It's a great way to quickly get a student's attention and explain the benefits of CollegePower to them in about 10 seconds.

Find the files for the info tool here: Start.CollegePower.com.

Simply print and laminate the tool at any FedEx, UPS Store, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Postal Annex. We love hanging the tool from our necks so it's always with us, never gets lost and our hands are free to use our phone to sign up students.

If you'd like, we can also mail you those same fliers. Just let us know your address and we'll ship them out in the next 24 hours.
Must I first become a guide before I can recruit other guides? ▾
Yes and no – you can recruit students to join. Once you become a Guide, if the students also become Guides, they will be assigned to your team.
What does Guide training entail? ▾
To become a Guide you'll get a crash course into how everything on the platform works so that you can accurately guide people on how to succeed on CollegePower. Basically, you'll need to read through some wikis on how the site works, try out all of the different features on the site so you experience how everything works, and then you're ready to become a Guide. This can all be accomplished in 1-2 days if you're super motivated.
How do I activate my wallet? ▾
You can create you're ether wallet by clicking the arrow at the right top of your page. In the drop down email you'll find the option My ether wallets. Open it and click create ether wallet.

Don't forget to save both the private key as well as the public key. And don't share your private key with anybody, it's like a pin code to your bank account.

The wallet will be activate when you have transferred $2 worth of ether into it.
You can buy ether (or Ethereum) on any of these exchanges:


If you need help, just let me know and I will guide you through it.
Do you need permission to promote to students on campus? ▾
From our experience, most campuses don't have a problem with people promoting different things on campus as long as you aren't setting up a table/tent (which you won't be).
In your testing to date, have the most productive results in signing up students come from being physically on campuses, or 'virtual' outreach? ▾
We've seen positive results from both on campus and virtual outreach - it really just depends on your preferred method of communicating with others. If you're fairly savvy with social networking, then online works well, but for most people it's easier to do in person as you have a large audience of students a specific physical location.

As far as the best place to promote on campus, we've actually found that it's better to go off the beaten path to talk to people, as opposed to the main walkway where most tents/tables/promoters tend to setup.
Where/How did you generate the $250M to fund the project? ▾
Over the course of this project, Mike and the team has been granted many patents (https://patents.google.com/?inventor=Michael+Pousti). One of those patents was for making payments via SMS text message, which was licensed to the telecom operators across the globe and generated about $150M in revenues. The remaining $100M has been generated from revenues from the platform over the years.
Who are some of the academic contributors that we've worked with? ▾
There's been a number of professors we've worked with over the years, including but not limited to Mark Bevir @ UC Berkeley, Helen Landemore @ Yale, Daron Acemoglu @ MIT and Michael Gillespie @ Duke.
Would I be considered an independent contractor? 1099? ▾
If you are a USA resident, 1099s will be sent to you at the end of each year.
Am I limited to one college or campus? ▾
No, you can go to as many or as few campuses as you'd like.
How is it possible for CollegePower to pay a transporter when the cost might exceed the value of the item being shipped? ▾
The truth is that it isn't profitable for us. We would be subsidizing the cost of transport until it reaches critical mass and would then be profitable - just like Uber, Amazon and many other companies have done.
Do you get a base salary as a Guide? ▾
You get paid from your work on the platform. If you are performing, you may or may not earn the full amount of the guaranteed compensation offered for each role - in which case we will bring you up to the full amount with a one-time top up to your balance at the end of the year. So it's not a base salary per say, but it's guaranteed compensation for full-time work over the course of the year. In reality, as long as you are working full-time and doing good work, you'll make more than the guaranteed compensation on a month to month basis which covers the base salary concern I believe you are trying to address.
How does cash advance work? ▾
As mentioned on the call with Mike, everything that is earned on CollegePower goes through a maturation process of up to 90 days. During the time that those funds are maturing, you can spend some of that amount in the marketplace buying goods and services from others. Another portion of those earnings can also be cash advanced (IE immediately cashed out).

In the case of the earnings as an activist, you are paid $20 for each person you sign up as soon as they sign up. You can then cash advance up to 50% of that amount. The rest you can spend in the marketplace or wait 90 days to cash out.
Is there travel needed with the role? ▾
At the moment, no travel is needed for any of the available positions. We've already established a global organization of many hundreds of Guides over the past several years and have been successful at staying organized and communicating via the platform, Skype, etc.
Is the platform live currently or do I have to wait to be paid? ▾
The platform is live with nearly 1 million users globally and people are earning/being paid as we speak. The development that is happening is getting the current version of the platform to Beta status so that we can begin our full length marketing campaign at the start of next school year.
What if government steps in? ▾
This will almost certainly happen. Our objective is to get big as quickly as possible so that by any issues arise with the government, the people will advocate for the platform (much like as what has happened with Uber as a recent example).
What are my direct responsibility's when starting? Signing up individuals? Or companies? ▾
No sign ups are required. The platform will automatically assign new students to you as they join the platform. From there, your role is to help those students become Guides. As you build your organization, your focus will shift into managing your Guides, the merchants they sign up, etc.
Quick Start Guide
How to Setup an Account
Step 1
Go to www.CollegePower.com and sign up.
Note: It will ask for your college .edu email. Don't worry if you don't have one because your personal email (the email you've used to communicate with CollegePower staff) has been approved for use instead of a .edu email address.
Step 2
You should receive a verification email approximately 30-60 seconds later. Check your spam/promotions folder if you don't see the email. Click on the button in the email to verify your email.

Note: To do that, click the down arrow from the top right of any page, then click "Settings". Then click on "Edit Account Info"
Step 3
Set your profile URL.
Step 4
At the top of the page, in the "Profile URL" section, enter your name into the text field.
Note: To save your profile URL, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in (or create) your password and click Save.
You can now use your new profile URL to invite students to join CollegePower. When anyone visits your profile URL (for example, www.CollegePower.com/YourName) from an email, social media or web page, and then signs up, you'll get credit.
Note: A .edu email address is required, for students to sign up for CollegePower.
You get $20 for each new sign up and your invitee will get $40 as well.
Quick Start Guide
Additional ways to invite students to CollegePower
In addition to giving out your profile URL, you can also invite students to CollegePower simply by sending them an email.
Step 1
While logged into your CollegePower account, click the down arrow from the top right of any page and click "Invite friends"
Step 2
Enter their .edu email address and click "Submit"
Step 3
You'll see a confirmation message that the email has been sent. The student should receive a verification email approximately 30-60 seconds later. Have them check their spam/promotions folder if they don't see the email.

Once they click the button to verify their email, they'll earn $40 and you earn $20.
A great place to find college students?
While on campus, we recommend using the CollegePower info tool. It's a great way to quickly get a student's attention and explain the benefits of CollegePower to them in about 10 seconds.

Find the files for the info tool here: Start.CollegePower.com. Simply print and laminate it at any FedEx, UPS Store, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Postal Annex. We love hanging the tool from our necks so it's always with us, never gets lost and our hands are free to use our phone to sign up students.
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