Choose an educational discount to offer students. Suggested: 25% to 30%
Therefore, the larger your discount, the more promotions and new customers you'll receive

With each $1 in discounts you provide, we add $5 to your promotional budget that will be used to promote your business
Frequently Asked Questions
What services are you offering?
We promote your business to the student body on campus, bringing you a steady stream of new customers at no cost to you.

We only ask that you provide an educational discount of your choosing to our students.
How much of an educational discount do I need to provide?
It's completely up to you.

For every $1 in discounts you provide to our students, we add $5 to your promotional budget that will be used to promote your business. Therefore, the larger your discount, the more promotions and new customers you'll receive.

Typically our merchant partners find that discounts in the 25% to 30% range are optimal for their business.

You are free to modify your educational discount at any time from your account.
Do I have to pay out of pocket for this service?
There is no cost to you for this service.
How is this different from advertising or marketing on Google or social media?
Getting results from Google and social media generally requires a great deal of time, effort and expense to monitor and optimize.

And purchasing advertising will almost always cost you more than the revenue you'll generate from that advertising.

With our service, we do all the monitoring and optimizing for you, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

And since there's no cost to you, with our service you always end up ahead.
How do I get started?
Simply choose your educational discount, and then we'll contact you to activate your account.

We'll have you up and running, and receiving customers, in a short period of time.
Who is eligible to receive an educational discount?
Any university student, faculty or staff member.
What if I already offer other discounts?
No problem! There is no contract for you to sign, no exclusivity, and no commitment when you partner with us.
Why should I use your service when I already have other marketing campaigns that are working?
We are focused on bringing you new student customers as they arrive to the area, often from other parts of the country or world.

That means that our service will provide you with a steady stream of new customers that other marketing vehicles are unable to reach or bring you.

In addition, our service is complimentary (free) and won't add costs to your marketing budget.
Are you affiliated with the university?
We are not affiliated with the university, rather, we affiliate directly with the students, staff and faculty members.
    How do you promote my business?
    We run a network of web sites and pages that students use for communications, so we have a ton of promotional inventory and ad space that we use to promote your business.
      How long will you promote my business for?
      This is an on-going service for your business as there is a continual stream of new students coming to campus. However, there is no commitment on your part.
        How do I know how much I've earned in promotional credits?
        Your promotional balance is updated and shown to you each time you provide a discount.
          Will you sell my data?
          Your data is protected and never sold or shared.
            Can I modify my discount level after I set it?
            Yes, you can change your discount level at any time.
              What are the net payments terms?
              Based on your number of daily average transactions for the week (Monday - Sunday), your net payment terms for those transactions are as follows:

              0 daily average transactions = Net 28 days
              1 daily average transactions = Net 21 days
              2 daily average transactions = Net 14 days
              3 daily average transactions = Net 7 days
              4 daily average transactions = Net 5 days
              5 daily average transactions = Net 4 days
              6 daily average transactions = Net 3 days
              7 daily average transactions = Net 2 days
              8+ daily average transactions = Net 1 days
                How do I cash out my revenues?
                From your merchant account, you'll be able to cash out your revenues to your bank account or PayPal.
                  How long am I committing to this program? What if I want to stop participating?
                  There is no commitment on your part. Simply let us know you'd like to stop and you can exit the program.
                    Is there a minimum discount requirement?
                    There is no minimum discount, however, the larger your discount, the more new customers you'll receive.

                    Every time a student saves one dollar with you because of your discount, five dollars are added to your promotional budget with us – so the more discounts you provide to students, the more we promote you, and the more new customers you'll receive.

                    When you go with a larger discount, two (2) things will happen:

                    • Your business will get promoted more heavily
                    • Your promotions with us will be more effective at attracting new customers for you because students are more attracted to the larger discounts, of course
                    That's why most merchants choose to offer an educational discount in the range of 25% to 30%.